September 15, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Before you head to meet your realtor, learn these important industry words so you can follow along without confusion during your meeting.

September 12, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Are you ready to own your own place but not sure what the place should be? There’s a few crucial differences in owning a home or apartment and its important you know those differences so you can purchase the property that fits your best interests.

September 8, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Buying land has its many perks including your own peace and quiet accompanied with the opportunity to build your home from the ground up.

September 4, 2017 | Barb Huntley
When all of your searching leads you to the perfect home, it’s time to finalize your decision. Making an offer on a house is no small thing; in fact, it’s probably a top decision in your life. So let’s make sure you know what you’re doing!


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