October 26, 2018 | Agent REbox
The last and most important item on your checklist before your next trip should be securing your home while you’re gone.

October 23, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Buying a home is likely one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. When you make a decision of that scale, make sure you consider all the factors that will affect your happiness with your purchase.

October 19, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Make the inside of your house be just a scenic as the outside during the cozy fall months by sprucing up your interior with fall décor.

October 16, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Adjustable Mortgage Rate – The interest rate can vary throughout the life of the loan, these mortgages are usually over a shorter time period such as 5, 7, or 10 years.

October 12, 2018 | Barb Huntley
The temperatures are dropping at the same rates the leaves are changing colors which can only mean one thing: October is here.


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