January 10, 2020 | Hello The Huntley Owen Team
If you’re thinking about selling your house in 2020, you are probably wondering one thing: when is the best time to list?

November 21, 2019 | Barb Huntley
As a homeowner looking to sell, you turn to your real estate agent to do the best job possible of selling your home in a timely manner and for the highest value possible.

November 19, 2019 | Barb Huntley
Now that fall is nearing its end, it’s time to prepare your home for the cold weather. Sure, turning on the fireplace and having a few more blankets lying around will help, but there are many other things that you as a homeowner can do to save costs

November 15, 2019 | Barb Huntley
HUD stands for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and a HUD home is one in which the owner had an FHA-insured mortgage and was unable to make their mortgage payments, and therefore went through foreclosure.

November 14, 2019 | Barb Huntley
Preparing your home to transition from season to season follows a similar routine each year, and probably involves a checklist of sorts to make sure you tick off all the boxes and feel good knowing your home is in tip-top shape.


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