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Hilary Lockhart - As of May 2014, Hilary is licensed in Alaska and Arizona to sell Real Estate. She rotates her time between the two states, but that has never created a hindrance on her clients or her business. She has found it easy to manage working in both states, and has done so her whole real estate career. She has an amazing team, so one would not even know she was out of town unless they ask her to show them a home. You get a whole team on your side, not just one individual. She ensures that everyone working together, always on the same page and the process is seamless start to finish.
Hilary has been in Real Estate since she was 19 years old. From the time she was in college, she recognized the value of owning a home as a major asset in one's future. She bought my first home at 19 years old (back when it was 7.125% interest and that was a good deal in 1998) all for what many were paying on apartments ($892/mo.). She got wise when interest rates fell and refinanced into a 15 year loan (second best real estate decision). She was able to put her new car, a new pool, and bundle her loan for $150 more per month AND get it paid off in 15 years. This is when she fell in LOVE with real estate - knowing she would have a home completely paid for by the time she was 35 years old!
Hilary and her Husband started flipping homes by the time she was 25. They were able to use the equity in their home to get a line of credit. They planned it perfectly; their first flip was heading into the height of the Scottsdale market (2006). Their second flip finished as soon as the market crashed (sigh). That investment took them 8 years to get rid of. Thankfully, it made a great rental and they did not loose any money - it just turned from a short term investment into a long term one.
What was once a hobby of hers, has now become a career. She has gone from helping her husband with his flipping business, into helping others to invest in real estate. She LOVES our market. She LOVES home ownership. She LOVE S helping people make money in real estate. She LOVES people and helping them through situations that are not always easy (yes, going through a transaction can have many ups and downs).
She feels there are homes with great value to be found; whether you are looking for your first home, for an investment (to rent or to flip), or just looking to move - Hilary can bring diverse knowledge and expertise to the table.
She truly looks forward to helping you on your next Alaska Real Estate transaction. Whether you are a local hero or not, Hilary takes pride in great service and creating relationship that last!


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