January 10, 2020 at 9:48am | Hello The Huntley Owen Team

If you’re thinking about selling your house in 2020, you are probably wondering one thing: when is the best time to list? If you were to do a Google search, you’d find that nationally, the most homes are listed and sold in the beginning of May. Things are starting to green up and longer daylight hours means more time for buyers to tour homes. However, there are a lot of reasons that listing now may actually be better. In fact, I recommend it. Here are a few reasons why:

Buyers are always shopping: With homes being marketed online, buyers are looking at hundreds of homes online before even stepping into their first showing. Serious buyers are always monitoring what’s available, so getting your home out ahead of the spring rush gives you a chance to reach serious buyers while also having less competition. Plus, you know buyers who are willing to venture out into the cold to look at homes are serious buyers! 

Make a sparkling first impression: Winter has finally landed in Anchorage and the Valley, allowing you to take advantage of a clean, crisp look from snow in the front yard and ice crystals on the trees. Buyers are going to see your home online first, so give yourself a leg up by taking advantage of beautiful exterior photos and some extra curb appeal for visiting buyers. Talk to your photographer about twilight photos and other tips and tricks to take advantage of extra color in the sky to make your listing stand out even more! 

Tax returns and new jobs: Sure, not everyone will get a tax return this year. But for many people their tax return can make the difference between renting and having enough money to buy a home. Help make their decision easy by having your home on the market and ready for a new owner! Additionally, January is the most popular month for corporate transfers. People moving into Anchorage and the Valley during the winter will be extra motivated to get cozy in their new home quickly! 

These are only a few of the reasons I recommend listing your home now. Ready to list? Give our team a call today to learn why listing with us is the best way to get your home sold! 



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