September 10, 2019 at 2:23am | Barb Huntley
Clear out your front entryway - When school is back in session suddenly your front entryway becomes a jungle of bags, shoes, and coats. It’s everyone's gateway and entryway to the house, meaning it collects a lot of items. Go through your front entryway and clear shoes and coats that are no longer in season, bags that are not being used, and any other miscellaneous items that find their way there.

Sweep out your garage - If you were like us this summer, you were coming and going from one adventure to the next. This brought in a lot of dirt and toys into our overcrowded garage. To prep for the change in season, sweep out your garage and store away toys and tools that you won't be using in the fall and winter. A clean, tidy garage will allow you to easily access your rakes and shovels. And, that time of year always comes faster than you expect!

Check your window seals - as the temperatures drop you'll want to make sure your home is containing all the heat you are pumping into it. If you were opening your windows often during the summer, it becomes hard to notice any cracks in your window seals. Inspect your windowsills for cracks and have them sealed before the end of the month. You don't want to lose the heat you are pumping into your house!

Change air filters and inspect your furnace - dirty air filters can lead to less efficient heating systems and higher energy bills. Vacuum any vent covers monthly if you have pets. This is where fur can build up!  Changing your air filter will ensure quality air is blowing into your home. Get your furnace inspected to verify your thermostat is working correctly and fix loose electrical or gas connections.


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