September 06, 2019 at 4:13am | Barb Huntley
The school year has started which means a change in schedules for the whole family. Adjusting to the change can take some time until you feel like you are fully settled in and in control of all that is happening. Here are some tips to speed up the adjustment process:

Have a calendar - It's easy to keep notes or a calendar on your phone to check daily. But, if you only keep your schedule on your phone, no else that lives with you can see it. We suggest printing out a large paper calendar and hanging it on your fridge. Color coordinate each family member and have them write down their activities for the month. This is an easy way for the whole family to see everyone else's daily plans. This also will help avoid conflicts when it comes to rides!

Start a nightly 20-minute prep routine - Have everyone in the household schedule 20 minutes every night to prepare for the next day. If you plan to have this at the same time every night, it will become a part of each person's nightly routine. During these 20 minutes, you can get everything ready that you need for tomorrows activities. In these 20 minutes, you could pick out an outfit, pack your bag or backpack, make and pack a lunch, clean up your room or bathroom, and so on. Twenty minutes of prep the night before will make your mornings run smoother!

Make meals easy - When schedules get busier, it gets harder to sit down and have a meal together. The easier the meal is to make, the more likely you will make it and have time to sit down and eat it together. Buying food that can be prepared beforehand and reheated is the easiest way to ensure everyone in your home is eating a home-cooked meal at night. Foods that are great for this include rice, quinoa, rotisserie chicken, cut-up raw vegetables, potatoes, roasted vegetables, casseroles, the list goes on! It doesn't have to be fancy and labor-intensive to taste good!


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