August 23, 2019 at 1:18am | Barb Huntley
Turn your home into a neighborhood charmer by adding curb appeal in 7 simple ways.

1.  Add furniture – if you have a front porch, add a bench and colorful décor to match it. The colors will pop out during summer and fall, and the bench will be an inviting, homey touch to your outdoor space.

2.    Upgrade Your Mailbox – Mailboxes come in a variety of options. Steel, metal, wood, and plastic, you have a lot to choose from. Paint it a solid color adding your address number in a color that compliments your house!

3.    Add Lights – Porch lights hanging from above or ground lighting that lights up your sidewalk are small additions that make your home stand out as the sun goes down. The lights also add a welcoming touch for when you have guests arriving.

4.    Upgrade Your Garage Door – The easiest upgrade to your garage door is a fresh coat of paint. But, you can go all in and get barn doors, add a stone, or paned windows. Whatever option you choose, be sure it has proper insulation for when winter hits.

5.    Plant More Greenery – Flowers, shrubs, bushes, and trees carefully planted will turn your garden into an outdoor, garden oasis. Colorful plants and trees with changing leaves cannot be beaten when it comes to curb appeal.

6.    Get a Porch or Tree Swing
– If your porch or tree allows, add a swinging bench to your front yard. It doesn’t have to be a natural wood color. Get a little crazy and think white, red or blue!

7.    Take Care of Your Lawn – Lawn care is the most critical factor in maintaining curb appeal. You can add as many pretty things as you want, but if your lawn looks like an overgrown jungle or junkyard, nothing you add will make a difference. Keep your grass watered and mowed and pick up your toys every day. This one task will have the most significant effect on your curb appeal.



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