August 30, 2019 at 2:21am | Barb Huntley
Do you know what warning signs to look for when shopping around for a new home? These red flags will help you avoid a buying decision that ends in disappointment and unpleasant surprises.

Water Damage – Discovering water damage after a home purchase is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Water damage is a sneaky, destructive burden you want to avoid resolving. Water damage can affect the interior and exterior of the home. So, it’s important you get both inspected. The roof, gutters, siding, and foundation are a good place to start. If water is penetrating through any part of the exterior, your problem will likely also be on the interior. Check ceilings, floors, and walls for brown patches that signal damage.

Pest or Insect Problems – Who wants to move into a home that has an invasion of unwanted species? No one. A home inspection should identify any insect or bug problems. A reminder for how important a home inspection is! Pests at the worst can destroy wood, which can lead to thousands of dollars being spent to fix and get rid of the pest that caused the damage.

DIY Work – It’s usually easy to spot the DIY work that has been done on a home. This work was likely cheaper for the previous homeowner, but that doesn’t mean it was done correctly. Be on the lookout for DIY work and have an inspector evaluate the quality of it.

Odors – Good or bad, it’s important to figure where each smell is coming from in the home. What is the good smell covering up? What is producing the bad smell? Odors are a sign that something is not right inside a home.

Electrical Wiring Problems – Inadequate or electrical issues are a huge no-no! Wiring problems or bad fuse panels are a common cause of house fires. You want sound wiring in your new home. Or, you will need to be prepared to shed out more money to re-wire your current system.


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