August 27, 2019 at 1:28am | Barb Huntley
Are you shopping for a new home and unsure if you want to purchase a condo or a single-family home? We can help you make an informed decision.


- Condos tend to be less expensive than that of similar-sized homes.
- You are not responsible for maintenance. As a condo owner, you will automatically be part of a Home Owners Association (HOA) with monthly fees that go towards your home and yard maintenance.
- No shoveling, mowing or raking! Your HOA will cover all of that!
- Financing is similar if not the same as buying a home.

- Less freedom to do as you choose. You will be restricted on what features you can add to your condo based off of the HOA rules and restrictions.
- Condos don’t typically come with a yard, or if it has a yard, it is a lot smaller than the yards that come with homes.


- You are not restricted to the rules and regulations a condo community installs on its residents. You can paint your home any color and add on features.
- You will have a yard (depending on the home you buy) that you can do what you please with!
- You have more privacy. There will be no shared walls, sides, or garages!

- All the maintenance responsibility falls on you. Upkeep, yard work, and shoveling will be your task all year round.
- Because of the freedom a home provides, it also tends to come with a slightly higher price than a similar-sized condo.



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