July 09, 2019 at 11:25am | Barb Huntley
Sign Up for a Gym – Once you’ve unpacked the best way to settle in is to re-establish your daily routine. Signing up for a gym helps with that. If you work out, getting back into your normal weekly routine with ease you into your new living situation. You may also meet new people at your gym, especially if you enjoy taking fitness classes.

Meet Your Neighbors – Don’t be shy, ring your neighbor’s door and say hello. There is nothing to lose from introducing yourself. You may find out you have similar interests or kids the same age. A bonus for all!

Frequent the Local Shops – Go to the shops nearby your new home and “test” them out. Once you’ve been shopping for the basics for a few weeks, you will start to choose which stores will be your go-to. Knowing where you will buy your essentials is one less thing to worry about in your new home.

Go on a walk – One of the best ways to explore your new neighborhood is on foot. Take a walk every day in a different direction to get your bearings for what surrounds your new home. You may discover parks and trails that you didn’t realize were so close when you first purchased your home.

Be Open Minded – No one says moving to a new neighborhood is easy. But it will be easier if you lessen your expectations. Your new neighborhood will be different from your old, that is a fact. So, if you can accept that and be open-minded to the new opportunities ahead, you will find yourself happier as you adjust.


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