June 21, 2019 at 11:00am | Barb Huntley
We’ve already established in previous blogs that summer is the best time to sell your home. Which means if you are following our advice, you are now preparing for a move. Here are our tips to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Start Early – If you know you are selling your house this summer and already have prospective buyers, start packing items in your home that you won’t use until winter. That way, if the sale takes longer than expected, you can stay calm knowing only the Christmas decorations and winter gear are in boxes.

Stay Organized – Pack with a purpose. Separate your boxes by season and by location in your home. Once you pack away out of season items, head to the rooms in your house you don’t use as often and start adding those items to your boxes. Label every box with the category of items and which room it came from; this will make unpacking quicker and easier.

Lessen the Load – Want to know the easiest trick to moving? Move less stuff. Now is the perfect time to go through every room in your house and get rid of the junk or donate unused furniture and household items. Even go through your closets and donate all the clothes you haven’t worn in the last year. The fewer boxes you need to pack and unpack the happier you will be.

Remember, first get rid of excess items, then start preparing for your move by packing unneeded furniture and clothes. When moving day comes, you will be ready to take on the day!



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