June 26, 2019 at 8:48am | Barb Huntley
Keeping your house clean takes work. Hopefully, you can clean up after yourself daily and add in vacuuming once a week. However, there are some items in your home that can get ignored and forgotten during your weekly cleaning tasks, and we are here to remind you of them.

– Vacuuming keeps the dust and dirt out of your carpet. But to remove all excess dirt and germs, a deep cleaning is necessary. You can rent a carpet cleaner and steamer or hire a professional. Deep cleaning your carpet will help its longevity and is a good idea if someone in your home suffers from asthma. Carpet holds a lot of dust that can trigger asthma.

Linens – When we say linens we mean throw blankets, throw pillow cases and drapes. When is the last time you had those washed? They collect dust and dirt and often are forgotten about in our weekly laundry.

Washing Machine – Yes, your washing machine goes through a washing multiple times a week, but do you every clean it in between washes? All it takes is baking soda and a hot wash cycle to give it a thorough cleaning. You can scrub the inside with baking soda to remove the grime, then run a hot cycle to clear out everything left inside. Do this once a month to keep your machine optimally cleaning your clothes!

Fridge and Freezer – Food spills occur more often than we realize in our fridge and freezer. If you take out everything and look at the empty shelves you realize how much food stains and crumbs are left. Give the empty surfaces a deep wipe down with a soapy rag or disinfectant before you restock the shelves.



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