June 14, 2019 at 9:45am | Barb Huntley
If you are doing home renovations to up the resale value of your home you should be warned, almost all investments won’t give you 100% recoup value. But, if you are doing renovations to improve your home for yourself, these investments will add value to your everyday life and will give you the best return on investment when you do sell your home.

New Garage Door – From Bankrate.com, we found these estimates. To replace your garage door, it costs around $3,611, and the resale value is $3,520, a 97.5% recoup in cost. Why would you replace your garage door? For one, there is a practical reason if your current garage door is broken. But then there is also the curb appeal factor. If your garage door is outdated and worn down, replacing it will not only give you almost all your money back when you sell your home, but it will also improve your curb appeal, which aides in a quick sale of your home.

Adding a Deck - From Bankrate.com, we found these estimates. The average cost to add a deck to your home is $13,333, and the resale value averages $10,083; a 75% recoup value. Not only will it add value to you when you list it, but it will add value to you and family having it. Enjoy sunsets, BBQ’s and summer nights out on your back deck.

Minor Kitchen Upgrade – Also from Brankrate.com, the average cost of a minor kitchen upgrade is $22,507 with an average resale value of $18,123. The cost recouped is 80.5%. A kitchen can improve the quality of your everyday life at home and not to mention potential future buyers will see the value of a modern, fresh kitchen.



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