June 12, 2019 at 11:36am | Barb Huntley
It’s time to spoil our dads for the day and thank them for all that they do. Here are a few gift ideas if you are struggling to figure out what to get them.

A Robot Vacuum – A great gift for all dads who hate cleaning. The Roomba will do all your vacuuming for you. You can have scheduled cleanings and control it from your smartphone. Next time he is away and wants to come home to clean floors, it's only a press of a button away!

Reusable Water Bottle – Yeti, Swell, and other brands now make water bottles that keep drinks hot or cold for at least 12 hours. Pretty impressive! This will be his new must-have, daily accessory when he leaves the house. Plus, reusable water bottles cut back on the plastic epidemic.

Daily Sunscreen – Let’s be honest; most men aren’t focused on their skin care. Help your dad out and buy him a good moisturizer that doubles as SPF. You’ll be doing his skin a favor, especially if he likes to spend his free time outside.

Waterproof Portable Charger – Everyone should have a phone on them when they head out to bike, hike, fish, or whatever it may be. Buy him a waterproof portable charger, so when he goes on this next adventure, he won’t need to worry about his phone dying in case he needs to be in contact with anyone.

Plan a Day Trip – If your dad enjoys the outdoors, plan a day trip for him on Father’s Day. There’s plenty of fishing spots, boat rentals, hiking and biking trails, or canoe/kayak rentals anywhere in Alaska. Just pick your destination and plan from there.



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