June 19, 2019 at 8:16am | Barb Huntley
The key to a successful camping trip is proper preparation. When you know you are prepared for any situation, you can relax and enjoy your trip.

Plan – Alaska has a welcomed a growing population of campers to the state every summer. The locals aren’t the only ones that want to sleep in the wilderness for a day. Because of that, you need to reserve your campsite ahead of time, so you know you will have a spot once you arrive at your destination.

Dress Accordingly – Camping in Alaska is no joke. The weather can fluctuate in a matter of hours, and you can find yourself in snow, rain, or sunshine at any point. Make sure you have a warm enough sleeping bag, water repellent gear, and even gear for the snow. You’d rather have too many layers than too few.

Bring Proper Equipment – A list of must-haves before you depart: flashlight, extra batteries, bear spray, bug spray, bear-proof food containers, and a first aid kit. These are the bare necessities for camping in Alaska.

Be Bear Aware – Touch up on all bear safety before pitching your tent. Remember that all food should be kept at least 100 yards from your tent. Avoid setting up a tent next to a river or trail; those are full of bear traffic. Always make noise when you are hiking and have someone with you. There is power in noise and numbers. And lastly, burn your garbage every day. Bears will dig it up if you try to bury it.



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