May 08, 2019 at 9:14am | Barb Huntley
The weekend is coming upon us to honor our mothers or mother figures for all they do for us in our everyday lives. How do you plan on celebrating Mother’s Day to make them feel special? We have a few ideas for you if you are stuck on what to do.

Make them a Meal – Breakfast, lunch or dinner, prepare a nice meal for them and don’t let them do any of the work! It’s amazing how much cooking a meal for someone can make them feel good. And, make sure you clean up all the dishes! Don’t let them do those either.

Buy them Flowers – Flowers are always a good idea. In fact, we are pretty sure you can never go wrong when you buy someone flowers. A loving gesture that doubles as home décor for spring, a win-win!

Do a hobby with them – If they enjoy a hobby offer to do it with them. Biking, running, hiking, whatever it may be, they may appreciate a family member joining them on an otherwise solo adventure.

Do what they ask – The most obvious thing you can do for a mother but also something that can be often ignored, doing whatever they ask of you! No more stalling or making excuses, today is their day! If they want chores done, items fixed, or something cleaned, today is the day you do it without complaint.



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