May 21, 2019 at 7:50am | Barb Huntley
Buying your first home is exciting, wonderful, and overwhelming all in one feeling. You’ve saved up enough to buy and you are ready to plant roots, but now you must decide on what you will buy. All homes on the market have a unique benefit from one another. You must decide what benefits you are looking for.

New Construction– New constructions are exactly as they sound – new. These homes have been built from the ground up, so you can relax knowing that the foundation and materials won’t need repairs any time soon. Also, a new construction home has never been lived in before. When you move in you’ll be the first one. There will be no need to erase styles and traces from previous owners. With all these perks of a new construction home, you’re probably waiting to hear the catch. Well, new construction homes are almost always more expensive than a similar size and quality resale home. But the higher price factors in fewer maintenance costs because of its newness.

Resale Homes– The type of home you are most familiar with. It’s been lived in before and now the owners are ready for a change and trying to sell it. These are the most common homes on the market. Depending on the year they were built, recent renovations, and location, the prices vary immensely. You can always find a quality resale home, but it will be at a higher price. Not as high as new construction but remember you may put more money into the home to make it truly yours.

Fixer-Uppers– Fixer-uppers are the least expensive homes on the market, but usually require the most money to put into maintenance and repairs. If you buy a fixer-upper, you are buying a project. A less expensive home that you can completely remodel to make your own. Renovation and remodel costs all depend on what you decide needs to be done. So, if you choose to buy a fixer-upper, your budget needs to include renovation costs.  



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