May 09, 2019 at 6:46am | Barb Huntley
Earthquake season is year-round in Alaska. And for many of us, it’s still hard to forget the shaking earthquake last November. Alaska got national recognition during that earthquake because of the lack of damages that could have been, due to the sound infrastructure regulations. We want to keep up that reputation and to do so each person needs to take responsibility for themselves and their families. Here are a few key reminders on how to keep your family safe during the next earthquake.

Drop, Cover, and Hold– When an earthquake hits, know the drill “drop, cover, and hold.” Drop down and get as low as you possibly can. You want to take cover under a sturdy object, such as a desk or table. Avoid spots under windows, mirrors, tall furniture or hanging objects. Next, hold on to something sturdy. This could be a heavy piece of furniture or a wall. It would be best if you were prepared to move with it until the ground stops shaking. Hallways are usually the safest place you can be in your home, so make sure they cleared at all times.

Establish Exits– Whether you are in your house, school or place of work when an earthquake hits, make sure you know all possible exits out of the building. If the building is too fragile or hazardous to stay inside of, you need to know your escape route out.

Emergency Supplies– In case of a major earthquake, you should have an emergency supply kit with at least three days’ worth of food and water as well as a first aid kit.

Things to avoid– When an earthquake hits get as far away as possible from windows and glass objects. Kitchens and garages are home to many dangerous items, so you need to avoid being in these areas. Objects such as knives and tools can be shaken from their safe storage. Stay away from large furniture that is not secured to the ground or windows because serious injury or even death can occur if you are in the line of the fall.

We have survived many powerful earthquakes because we have been prepared. We will continue to do so by refreshing our safety procedures and making our homes earthquake ready!



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