May 10, 2019 at 10:51am | Barb Huntley
What neighborhood is right for you? Factors that are taken into consideration include schools, community, safety, and lifestyle. Location, location, location is a saying for reason. Location affects the affordability, quality of life and value of your home. It’s your responsibility to do ample research on what neighborhoods fit your needs, so here are the factors you should be typing into Google:

What type of home do you want?  Some neighborhoods are condo associations, some apartment complexes, and other single-family homes. Decide what type of home you are looking for and go from there.

How far are you willing to commute?  What is the maximum distance you are willing to commute to work or school? Once you decide on that, it’s easier to narrow down the geographic search region.

Do schools matter to you? If so, do the schools in a neighborhood adhere to your standards?
If you have children that attend public schools, you’ll need to look at what areas fall in certain school district lines.

What are the crime ratings?  Trulia gives a good crime report rating. Type in the neighborhood into the search and find out about what crimes are most commonly committed in the neighborhoods you are considering.

How far are you willing to live from basic shops or hospitals? Some neighborhoods are built within walking distance to schools and hospitals. Others are only a few miles away. While others are much more remote. Decide how close you want to live from basic necessities then start looking at homes in neighborhoods that fit your criteria.

What amenities are you looking for? Sidewalks, buses, trails, parks; the list of possible amenities goes on. Decide what are your must-have amenities and what are bonuses, to help you narrow down your neighborhood search.

In conclusion, it’s hard to love a home if it sits a neighborhood you dislike. Choosing the right neighborhood will affect your everyday life and your happiness. Put the necessary time into researching the best areas that fit your criteria’s and look for homes in those locations.



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