May 16, 2019 at 8:33am | Barb Huntley
Is your family growing and now you find yourself looking at bigger homes on the market? If it’s time to move, keep in mind these child-friendly features you will want in your next home.

Bedroom Placement– Obviously you are already looking at a house with more bedrooms, but it’s not only the number that matters. When you have babies in the house, the placement of the bedrooms is important. If you have young kids, you may want a bedroom that is close to yours, so it is easy to check on them at night. Parents with teenagers might want the opposite, a floor or more space between you so that you can have your peace and quiet.

Yard Space– Not only is enough space for your kids to play important but also space where you can easily see them from the inside of your house. You likely don’t want to be outside every time your kids are, but you do want to be able to keep an eye on them at all times if need be.

Proximity to Amenities– If you want the ability to easily go to parks and trails from your new home, make sure it is in walking distance to these amenities. It will make it effortless to escape the confines of your home and get outside. When where you need to go is not within walking distance you’ll need to pack strollers, bags, and children in and out of your car – a hassle all parents would ideally avoid.

Unwanted Neighbors– Always check the registered sex offender list of every neighborhood you are looking at. You don’t want to buy your new home and discover after the final payment is made that you are living between multiple registered sex offenders.



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