May 31, 2019 at 11:15am | Barb Huntley
Has a pipe ever busted? A frozen or burst pipe is the leading cause of homeowner’s insurance claims. So, asking if there have been any troubles with the pipes in the past is a reasonable question. If you know, there have been previous pipe problems you can look at what it will take to have the pipes inspected and repaired, and add extra costs that need to go into your budget.

Has there been an infestation problem in the past? Termites, ants, mold, any of these are infestations need to be disclosed by the previous owner. If they have had problems with any of the above, you can ask how they resolved the problem. It will allow you to be proactive in preventing these infestations from happening again.

Has the sewer ever backed up?  Aging properties can have tree roots that have grown their way into the house or street. This can cause clogs in the sewer line below the ground. If it’s happened in the past, you’ll want details on how it was fixed and add extra insurance coverage for any back-up sewer issues!

Do you have documentation of current warranties? Hopefully, the previous owner has documentation of all major appliances that they can pass on to you. That way you can know how old they are when they might decide to quit on you.

How old is the roof? Knowing the age of the current roof will allow you to estimate when you will need to replace it. A new roof or any repairs to a roof are expensive, so you need to prepare yourself for those costs when they come.



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