May 14, 2019 at 10:53am | Barb Huntley
We’ve discussed numerous times on our blog how to find the right neighborhood, but sometimes it’s easiest to find the right neighborhood by eliminating options. Here are four red flags you should be aware of when looking at neighborhoods to move into.

Too many houses for sale– The only good reason a street of homes would all be for sale is that it’s a new construction neighborhood. Otherwise, if you see a road full of for sale signs, it might be telling something about the community the home sits in. It is unlikely most homes are on the market for separate reasons.

School Enrollment is Down– In a healthy neighborhood; schools will have a steady enrollment. If school enrollment is down, it reflects the community the school is in. People may be taking their kids somewhere else. It would help if you learned why enrollment is down before looking for schools in this area, assuming you have school-aged children.  

No Parking– If the home doesn’t have enough parking and the streets are already full of cars, you will run into future issues of where friends and family will park when they visit.  During busy holidays your family could be parking blocks away, a walk no one wants to do in the snow!

Unkept Exteriors and Yards– If the neighborhood has many homes that need fixing up and overgrown lawns, it can be a sign of the well-being of the community. A decline in appearance often signals a decline in the state of the neighborhood.

Remember, homes can always be changed, but neighborhoods can’t; choose your location wisely!



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