April 23, 2019 at 8:00am | Barb Huntley

Fixer-uppers can be the perfect home for many people, as long as they know the full details of what they are getting themselves into. From extra maintenance work to fixing any major issues, not all fixer-uppers have the same problems and therefore don’t need the same TLC. Here is what you should consider before you decide to buy a home that needs your fixing:

Condition – The condition of the home is probably the most important thing to be fully informed on. It can vary from cosmetic repairs to significant structural damages. Depending on what condition the house is in will largely depend on the additional money you will need to put into it to live in a home up to your standards.

Location – Always do your research before you start looking in neighborhoods. You’ll want to know the home’s proximity to schools, shopping, and parks as well as knowing if it is a neighborhood with a low crime rate.

Layout – Homes these days are designed with open layouts, but older homes often were built with many rooms. If the home you find has a layout that you do not like, you may spend quite a bit of money knocking down or build walls. It’s better to find a home with a layout you’d want to work with.

Money – At the end of the day, choosing and buying a home comes down to money. Can you afford the house you want to buy? If you can, can you afford the renovations you want to put into it to make it livable? Don’t put yourself in a financial crisis by buying a home above your budgeted range, mainly because renovation projects can quickly run over your estimated amount.

Your Patience – Buying a fixer-upper takes patience. Are you prepared to live in a house that is undergoing renovations? Are you okay living in a home that needs a lot of work done? Fixer-uppers take your money and time so, are you prepared for the renovation road ahead?



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