April 10, 2019 at 4:32pm | Barb Huntley
Answering this question before you start looking at homes will help narrow down your options. But, how do you know which option is best for you? The differences in ranch style (single story) and two-story homes include layout, utility costs, and the ease of maintenance. So, to help you decide, we’ll go through the pros and cons of each!

Ranch Style – A ranch style home is also known as a single-story home. 

Pros > Cleaning and maintaining the tidiness in your home is easier in a single-story home. There are no stairs to carry cleaning supplies up and down and cleaning the exterior will require a much smaller ladder. Without stairs in the house, it makes it safer for elderly, toddlers or handicapped that may be residing in the home. Also, in terms of safety, they are the most reliable structure to be in during an earthquake and the easiest structure to evacuate during an emergency.

Cons < Because everything in a ranch style home is on the same floor, it means less privacy for those living there. Ranch style homes tend to have a larger footprint which causes the price of exterior material such as siding and roofing to be more expensive. It also can increase your cooling and heating bills because your HVAC and plumbing will run longer, using more energy, bumping up your bills.

Two-Story – These homes can have multiple levels. 

Pros > Multiple story homes create more privacy within the residence. Rooms are not only separated by walls but also by levels. This is appreciated if you are living in a household that enjoys having guests. For Alaska living, the upper floors of multi-level homes can offer stunning views that street levels cannot.

Cons < Multiple levels means stairs, and stairs are not ideal for the elderly, handicapped or small children. They can become a safety hazard and usually need a gate to block them off, especially from crawling babies. Also, even though there is more privacy in multiple levels, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better noise control. If your bedroom is situated directly over the TV room, you’ll likely be kept up at night if someone is watching TV below. Extra thought needs to put into the design of the rooms, so your noisy spaces are situated above or below a quiet space.



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