April 26, 2019 at 7:02am | Barb Huntley
Rising temperatures and sunny days will have you itching to go outside every chance you get this spring. The ideal weather not only attracts humans to shed their winter coats but wildlife as well. Before you venture out on the next beautiful day make sure you have touched up on your outdoor safety knowledge to be confident going out on your next adventure.

Go in Groups – Power in numbers is especially true when you in the wild outdoors. With more people, you make more noise, which is a good deterrent for bears. The more people you are with, the more brains there are to navigate and think about every decision, which helps when you come to trails with no signs.

Be Prepared for Anything – Weather can change in a blink of an eye when you are in the mountains, and you must be prepared for any which way it could change. Always have a change of clothes, extra water and food, and all necessary equipment: jackets, hats, GPS, cell phone, maps, bear spray, boots, etc.

Stay Aware – Keep your headphones when you are outside in the woods. Your hearing is one of the most critical elements in keeping you safe. You need to be able to hear if an animal is approaching or for anyone else on the trails.

Bear Country – Alaska is bear country. Even if you don’t see a bear on your adventure, you will likely be very near one without noticing it. You must know what to do if and when you encounter one. Because being outdoors in Alaska means it’s only a matter of time before you have a bear run in. Always have bear spray on you for this reason and keep it in an easily accessible place. If you do see a bear, make yourself known. Speak loudly and appear as big as you can; do not cower away. When you are making yourself heard, do not panic, scream or make any high-pitched noises. Instead, talk in a low, calm, loud voice. Slowly back away from the bear keeping your eyes on it. Never run or climb a tree to get away from a bear. They can run faster and climb higher, and those movements will only encourage a bear to attack.



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