April 04, 2019 at 10:51am | Barb Huntley
Fresh air and fresh starts, that’s what Spring is all about. If you are planning on selling your home this spring to move on to a new chapter, you’ve picked the right time to do so. Just because it’s a hot season for home buyers doesn’t mean you can avoid putting work into getting your home sold. Take our advice on how to get your home ready for showing and open houses to ensure a quick sale this spring.

Repaint with Neutrals – You can’t go wrong with neutral, light paint colors. They not only compliment the spring season but also match just about any décor and furniture you have or will have in your home. We suggest adding a fresh coat of paint on your walls before you start showing your house. Get rid of all the bold, bright wall colors that probably don’t appeal to the mass public.

Fix What’s Broken
– Doors, windows, and tiles should all be repaired before the first prospective buyers see your home. Buyers don’t want to look at a house and have to make a list of all the broken items that will need fixing in the first weeks they move in. A buyer will get a home inspection that will detect all the damaged items, so fix them now.

Lighten Up – Use the abundant natural spring lighting to open spaces and brighten all your rooms. Make sure your windows are clean, so they allow maximum light in and change to lighter curtains for spring. Pull up blinds and push aside curtains when potential buyers are looking at your home. Natural lighting does wonder for opening up and brightening interior spaces.

Add Décor – Flowers and succulents are the easiest décor to add during the spring open house season. Place the fresh décor on tables, counters and in the entrance of your home to set the bright, spring atmosphere of your home.



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