April 17, 2019 at 10:15am | Barb Huntley
Easter Egg Hunt – A classic of the Easter holiday, kids and grownups alike enjoy searching for hidden Easter eggs once a year on this morning. But, to make it more fun for everyone you could have two separate egg hunts, one for children and one for adults. You can hide eggs with candies in them for children, or small bills for teenagers. For the adults, you can hide craft beers and give each adult an empty 6-pack holder to find their prizes. Fun for everyone!

Head to Alyeska Resort - Celebrate Easter at Alyeska Resort, complete with special observances, Easter brunch, a children’s Easter egg hunt, and an all-ages scavenger hunt-style egg search on the mountain!

Decorate Eggs – Dying or coloring eggs is a great indoor activity on a rainy day leading up to Easter. You can invite friends over and have a contest for the best-decorated egg. You could also set a theme for the eggs, such as superheroes or animals, and see how creative kids and adults can get when designing their eggs.

Cook up an Eggcellent New Recipe – Get your family together to cook up a recipe that you have never made before. You can serve the meal, dessert or side dish you cook on Easter day.


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