March 21, 2019 | Barb Huntley
It seems that when you are considering selling your home everyone around suddenly becomes an expert with advice they want to give you. They may have had something work for them or heard something from a friend of a friend that was successful, but every situation is different. Depending on the location, quality of the home, and the current market, take advice from an outsider with a grain of salt. Here’s the worst advice we’ve come across from all the “experts” out there.
For Sale By Owner will save you money and is not that hard. HA! It may seem more financially beneficial because you won’t be handing over the commission to an agent, but that is not always the case. An agent is in your best interest to boost the price of your home and sell it for the highest possible price. They can work with buyers’ agents to get interested buyers looking at homes, set up open houses for targeted buyers and have the knowledge and experience that you likely lack when it comes to selling a home.
You’ll get the most money if you sell your home in the spring. This is 100% not true. While spring is the most popular time to sell and buy a house, it also means there will be more competition than ever on the market. That means buyers interested in your home likely have ten other similar homes to choose.  Because there is less competition this time of year, listing your home during the offseason will target serious buyers and help your home stand out.
Home improvements aren’t necessary before you sell. Not all buyers want to buy a home that they need to put some TLC into. Yes, some buyers are looking for a home they fix up themselves, many buyers would rather buy a home there are already satisfied with and don’t need to invest in improvements. If you have parts of with major damages, look at the costs to improve them and how much monetary value that could add to the sale of your home.
Zillow will give you an accurate estimate of your home. You don’t need an appraiser’s or agent’s help. Zillow is great at giving you a general overview but to get a truly accurate price you need the experience of an agent to come in and determine the worth. They know from years of experience pricing homes. Pricing a home to high can make a slow sale that may not happen until you lower the price. Price it too low, and you can lose out on the money! 


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