March 26, 2019 | Barb Huntley
How many like-new items in your house do you own yet never use? Don’t be ashamed if your answer is quite a few – it’s a common problem in households all over. Luckily for you, just because the tags are no longer on items and you don’t have the receipts, doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of them and get some of your money back. Numerous platforms allow you to sell your lightly used goods easily; here are some of our favorites:
Facebook Marketplace – Marketplace won’t take any cut of your sales, but it leaves you solely responsible for getting your items to the buyer. Which means you are responsible for your safety if you meet a buyer. Make sure you are comfortable with handling all the logistics if you use this selling site.
Poshmark – This should be your number one spot to sell gently used clothing items. The pricing structure is simple: for any clothing item you sell for under $15, you are charged a $2.95 fee; for anything over $15, the fee is 20%. Poshmark charges your buyer $6.49 for shipping, so you just print out a prepaid shipping label, box up your clothing and send it off. An easy way to empty your closet and get some of your money back!
Craigslist – Craigslist is like Facebook Marketplace in the sense that you have to be fully responsible for the logistics of your sales. There is no third party supervising the sales or monitoring the site for any inappropriate or dangerous buyers. That being said, it is an easy way to buy and sell large home goods.
eBay – eBay is the original internet marketplace. It allows you to sell items online to the highest bidder. This is great for a desirable item that could get more on a bidding site than a site with a stagnant price. eBay takes roughly 10% of the total sale, but you’ll still benefit from getting money from any item you no longer use! You also pay for any shipping that is over $10, which can quickly happen if you are selling your items outside of Alaska.
Amazon – You can sell almost anything on Amazon. All it requires is that you have an individual selling plan account. You’ll pay Amazon a percentage of the selling price plus 99 cents for every item sold. Amazon takes care of the shipping.


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