March 29, 2019 | Barb Huntley
March is a month of inclement weather. It varies from snow to rain conditions daily. This can mean one day of solid ice and the next day puddles and mud. It’s important to assess the climate before you go out on your next adventure. Here are five crucial tips to keep in mind to stay safe outdoors:
Always Check the Weather – As we stated above, the weather in March can vary drastically in Alaska. You can never assume what the weather will be. And, since the weather determines what you wear, pack and do, it’s important to check it before deciding on your adventure.

Dress Appropriately – March is a wet time of year. Make sure everything you are wearing can not only keep you warm but withstand water. Wearing layers is best because you can shed them if you get too warm or decide to keep them on if it is colder than anticipated. When you are in the mountains, the weather can vary many degrees from the base to the top. This is where your layers will come in handy.
Be Careful on Ice – Lakes are becoming more dangerous as the temperature’s hovers around or slightly over freezing. If you don’t see people out on a lake, it’s a sign it is dangerous.  If a lake is less than 4 inches thick of ice, it is considered dangerous. Anything under 2 inches is extremely susceptible to breakage and not safe to walk on. Speaking of walking on ice, make sure you have proper shoes to prevent you from slipping. If you are hiking this is necessary for a safe trip. Rubber or traction grips can be put over your shoes or invest in a hiking boot made for icy climate – Icebug footwear is a good option.
Carry Proper Equipment – Whether it be a rain jacket, hiking poles, food, water, a first aid kit, or feet warms, have it packed and ready before you leave. Double check your page to make sure you have everything you could need on your adventure.
Tell Someone Where You are Going– It’s best to go in the outdoors with someone else. But, if you prefer to adventure alone, make sure you always tell someone where you are going! That way if anything happens to you, someone knows where to look to help you. Even if you are with someone else, still notify a third party, so someone that is not with you knows where you have gone.


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