March 20, 2019 | Barb Huntley
Introduce Yourself– Everyone has been in a position where they move into a neighborhood and don’t know anyone. Think back on how that felt. You likely experienced feelings of loneliness, stress, and being overwhelmed. A simple introduction to your new neighbors goes a long way. You don’t have to be best friends with them by any means, but if you are living next door to them, it’s nice to know who that person is. And if your fortunate, you may end up becoming good friends with them! Or, have kids that become friends.
Limit Noise– This goes beyond having people over late into the night and music playing, limiting noise also applies to yard tools. Don’t be that neighbor that mows their lawn at 7 am on Saturday morning or 10 pm on a weekday night. Also, don’t leave your dog barking outside for hours at a time; if the noise is unpleasant for you to listen to its likely unpleasant for your neighbors as well. Be respectful of times when most people are in bed and try to avoid any loud noises coming out of your house at that time.
Don’t Leave Items in Their Yard– Toys and dog poop are never acceptable to leave in a neighbor’s yard. There is no good excuse for you to leave anything that is yours in your neighbors’ yard. You wouldn’t want to clean up their children’s’ toys or dog’s poop if it was in your yard, so don’t expect the same from them.
Resolve All Issues Face to Face– If an issue comes up with one of your neighbors; don’t gossip to other neighbors about it. That will only make the matter worse. Take the initiative to talk to them in person and explain why you are upset. And, have a plan for how the issue can resolve. Not all neighbors will be friends, but you don’t need any neighbors that are enemies. 


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