March 8, 2019 | Barb Huntley
The most wanted home features change every year with the addition of new products, features, and technology. But, here we are in 2019, and new features again top the list. Let’s see what they are.
Laundry Room– Gone are the days of taking your laundry to the local laundromat and doing your laundry for the week. Or, stepping over the pile of laundry in your hallway that your laundry machine sits. Whether you live in a single-family home, condo, or apartment, having your laundry machines in their own space is now a necessity. It makes your weekly chore more convenient and is easier to keep up with all the piles of dirty clothes. Laundry rooms can be as little as a closet, as long they are separated by closed doors so that owners can shut their laundry problems away from the public. Who can relate?
Energy Efficient Appliances– Homeowners, are always looking for ways to save on existing monthly bills and owning energy efficient appliances aids in lowering energy bills. They are becoming the new standard for appliance buying and include energy star windows (keep the cold air out!), washing machines, and dryers.
A Showpiece Kitchen– A beautiful kitchen is becoming one of the most desired features for homebuyers. The kitchen is turning into the hub of your house where guests mingle around. Homeowners are investing more money than ever into nicer kitchens. Bar seating, islands, and an open floor plan make for relaxed cooking and a great place to be idle.

Location – Whether homeowners live in the city, suburbs, or more rural areas, they want to be within easy access to retail. They want to live in a place where they can conveniently grab food whenever it is needed. This doesn’t mean they desire to live near large outlets and malls, but at least close to one or two options to buy the essentials.


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