March 7, 2019 | Barb Huntley
Mold, a type of fungus, grows from microscopic spores floating in the air. ALL homes have these spores, but depending on the environment, these spores will either flourish or stay dormant. Darkness, moisture, surfaces, and warmth create a desirable situation for mold spores to thrive. So, where can you find them? How can you prevent them? And, why do we care about mold anyways?
Where to find mold?
Bathrooms, underneath kitchen sinks, and basements are the most common places to see mold. All are more susceptible to moisture and darkness.
How to prevent mold?
Since moisture is one of the main contributors to growing mold, eliminating moisture will inhibit the growth of it.
In your bathroom, you should always run a fan when you use the shower. When leaving your bathroom after use,  make sure you leave all surfaces clean and dry.
If your faucet is leaking in your bathroom or kitchen get it repaired ASAP. The puddles of water under your sink are a breeding ground for mold.
Old sump pumps and windows in your basement are at the base of the foundation of your home and are a susceptible place for leaking water and not to mention darkness when they aren’t used as often as other parts of your home. To prevent mold, invest in a dehumidifier, use a mold resistant or waterproof paint on the walls, check the walls for any cracks that could be caused by the foundation, and make sure you have adequate ventilation.
Why do we care?
Microscopic pores (mold) can trigger lung problems because they enter your lungs with every breath. Those with allergies or asthma are at risk for worsening symptoms such as asthma attacks when a mold is present in your household. To keep your asthma and allergies under control while at home, you must eliminate mold from where you live. 


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