February 5, 2019 | Barb Huntley
Replace Your Furnace Filter – If you have someone in your home that is allergy prone you should change your furnace filter every 90 days. But, if you have someone that is allergy prone PLUS animals, you are looking at needing to replace it every 60 days. So, if that’s the scenario in your home make sure to change your furnace filter this month.
Empty Your Vacuum – Before your vacuum starts to smell do it a favor and empty the bag. You don’t always need to fill it to the brim before changing it. You might be pushing your luck that it hasn’t exploded yet. Also, an empty bag will make your vacuum more efficient!
Wipe Out Kitchen Cabinets – We wash our dishes daily but rarely wash where we store them. Wiping out your kitchen cabinets is an easy task that often goes overlooked. Take the next hour out of your day and wipe down all cabinets of dust and crumbs. You don’t want your dishes and food stored in dirty areas.
Restock Your Anti-Icing Kit – We are steadily making our way through winter and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, to make it to the finish line of welcoming spring, make sure all your snow supplies are properly stocked and ready to use until all the snow is gone. Check your shovels to make sure they are still in good shape, if you use salt on your driveway make sure your bag is full and run your snow blower to see that’s its running properly.
Clean Shower Drain (yuck!) – If you anyone in your home has long hair you are prone to having drainage problems in your bathroom shower. Hair sheds when you shower and most of the time that hair doesn’t just slip down the drain but instead gets tangled up. Sometimes these tangles can grow into bigger problems such as water blockage. Luckily, this is easy to fix, just a little gross! You can remove the hair by hand by lifting up your drain. You should do this twice a month to avoid major clogs and pooling water. 


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