February 22, 2019 | Barb Huntley
Have you heard of the popular Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”? If you haven’t seen it, we highly suggest watching an episode. Marie is a Japanese organization consultant and author. The show takes her to different families in America who are struggling to keep their house clean. The messiness and clutter are affecting the daily life and happiness of everyone in the home.  Does that last sentence ring a bell? I think we can all relate to stress caused by clutter and messes. After watching the show, you will have new energy to organize our home and to keep it clutter free. Here are the main takeaways we learned from Marie:

  1.    Everyone struggles with messes. Even Marie admits she doesn’t always want to clean up. But, if you have fewer items and a good organization system, cleaning won’t seem like a hassle. 

2.    If it doesn’t bring you joy don’t keep it. If you can pick up any item in your home and have no joyful feelings from it, it’s time to give it away.  

3.    When you are going through your clothes, take them ALL out and put them on your bed. This way you realize how much you own. It may surprise you as a mountain piles up on your bed. Use her joy method as you pick up each piece of clothing and decide if it brings you joy or if you have no attachment towards it. If it’s the latter of the two, place it in a giveaway or throw away pile.

4.    Use boxes for organization. Marie uses boxes to store almost everything. Not cardboard, storage boxes, but aesthetically pleasing small boxes that you can put on shelves or in drawers. It’s a great way to organize cords, electronics, and all other miscellaneous items.

5.    To influence others in your house, you need to start with yourself. It can be hard to get everyone on board to clean up. But, if your family members see that you have gone through all your belongings and gotten rid of and organized all your items, they will be inspired to do the same.

6.    One person cannot be in charge of organizing everything in a home. If that’s the case, the other people who live there won’t know where things are or where they belong, and most likely will not put them back in the correct spot. This causes more messes and clutter. Everyone needs to take responsibility for keeping a house clean and organized. 


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