February 15, 2019 | Barb Huntley
When is the last time you went 12 hours without looking at your phone? When you’re sleeping it doesn’t count! I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I did that. And, I’m not proud of it. We rely on technology almost every hour of the day. From our phones, TVs, computers or tablets, we are always connected to technology. So, we challenge you this month work on taking more digital detoxes.
HOW?  Start with an hour at a time and disconnect from your phone. This could be at your lunch break at work when you come home from work or before bed. Then start to increase the time you spend away from devices. Maybe you designate two nights a week to being away from all devices after 6 pm until you can work up to one full day without any technology. This will likely be most comfortable on a day you don’t have to work – such as Sunday.
WHY?  The benefits of taking a break from your devices are numerous, but we’ll name some of the main ones:

1.     Improved posture – Being on your computer or phone can cause you to hunch over as you look at a screen leading to terrible posture.

2.     More sleep – looking at screens before you sleep messes with your sleep cycle. Cutting off all devices a few hours before bed is proven to help those with sleeping problems.

3.     Your mood will improve – Constantly checking social media can increase your odds of depression. Stop looking at social media constantly, and you will find your mood improving over time.

4.     You’ll remember how to converse – It seems that time with others is usually spent on your phone. Real conversations can’t happen when someone is on their phone the entire time. Putting your devices down and concentrating on the people around you will spark real, authentic conversations that are usually scattered by technology.
WHEN?  Start this detox now. Incorporate device-less hours into your everyday life now so you can reap the benefits as soon as possible.


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