February 7, 2019 | Barb Huntley
Avoid White– White furniture will make fur stand out all over your home. So you may want to think about if you will be getting a pet or if you have a pet before you buy a white sofa.

Consider Your Flooring- Wood floors are beautiful. But they are also prone to scratching. If you have dogs or cats running around your house your expensive wood floor will be ruined by your fur babies in a matter of months. Carpet will trap fur, so if your animal sheds a lot, it will accumulate in your carpet. Tile and laminate flooring are virtually scratch proof.
Invest in a Good Vacuum– Your animal will leave fur and dirt all over your home, no matter how little they shed or how well you clean them. That’s why you need a good vacuum to pick up all the excess dirt and fur. You should use it at least once a week if you want to keep your home clean and keep the allergens down.
Use Washable Fabrics on Your Bed–Does your animal sneak into your bed either late at night or when you are gone? No one wants to sleep in a fur covered and dirt filled bed. Always keep a throw blanket over your bed that is easy to wash after your fur baby has lounged on it.
Keep Precious Items Hidden– Your new shoes and purse smell like a delicious treat to your dog. To avoid either item becoming your dog’s next chew toy; place your precious things out of reach. Shut them away in a drawer or keep them high enough up. 


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