February 19, 2019 | Barb Huntley
What’s the first step? – Once you have chosen your agent, you’ll want to know what the first step of the buying process is. Therefore, you must ask! (They will likely tell you before you have to ask but just in case be prepared to ask.) Knowing where to begin is hard. Without an agent to guide you the process can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure how to start it.
What ways would you make my offer more attractive without increasing the price? – Your agent will have ways to make your offer more attractive without actually having to raise the price. These could include paying cash, getting pre-approved, and alternative contingencies.
How do you help buyers come to a decision? – It’s important to hear their insight on how they help buyer’s make their final decision. They may make their decision based off criteria that you haven’t even considered. You can never have too many perspectives to look at when making your final decision.
What can I honestly afford? – Once your real estate agent knows the entirety of your financial situation, it’s good to get their opinion on what you can afford. To have their insight on what your limits are, will narrow down your options and give you a clearer picture of what you should be looking for.
How fast can you get me into a home that I’d like to view? – This question will reveal how serious they are about finding you a home and how many connections they have. An agent dedicated to you will get you into a house you’re interested in within days.
Ask about any terms or concepts you don't understand. – Whether it be property tax details, mortgage questions, contingencies, etc. They can answer these questions so you are never unsure during the finding and buying process.
Do you have a recommended vendors list? – A challenging part of home buying and selling is finding professionals that you can trust in the process. Hopefully, your real estate agent will have a list of all the professionals you might need to use: inspectors, builders, cleaners, technicians, etc. 


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