October 25, 2019 at 2:18am | Barb Huntley
The National Association of REALTORS states that the best months for home sales are April through July. This is because moving outside of the school year is ideal for families with children. However, a move during the fall might just be your best bet. Here’s why:

Less competition – As we stated above, the busiest months for home buying happen in late spring and early summer. Most people are looking for homes then, so if you are looking for a home right now there will be less competition. Less competition means you have a greater likelihood of getting the house you want without competing offers beating yours out, or pushing the price up.

Possible savings – Sellers that sell in the late fall months are serious about moving. When the snow begins to fall and school is in full swing, it’s not the most ideal time logistically to move. That’s why if a house is for sale you can almost be sure the seller wants the home off their hands. This can often lead to quick sales at lower prices. There’s less competition looking for homes, so sellers need to take all offers seriously.

Resources have more time – Mortgage lenders and real estate agents have more time to dedicate to helping you this time of year because there are fewer active buyers. You will get extra attention when it comes to financing and finding your dream home.

There may be less inventory in the fall but that doesn’t mean the quality of homes is any less. If you find your dream home this time of year, you may just get it at a lesser price with more help along the way!


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