October 08, 2019 at 9:52am | Barb Huntley
Staging your home correctly can make the difference between a long and quick sale. Use these tips to optimally stage your home if it’s currently on the market!

Bathroom – Make sure your toilet seats are down and the plunger and toilet brush are hidden before you have strangers touring through your home. Light a candle and open the door an hour before to have it smelling fresh.

– Start by decluttering your countertops. Clear away all access items and wipe down the surfaces. Too much stuff on your counters will leave a cramped impression and downsize the appearance of your kitchen. But fresh fruit in a bowl and add a case flowers to a high counter or island.

Remove personal items – Buyers can become uncomfortable walking through your home and seeing all the family photos. Stash those away during tours. A buyer likes to see a home as a blank canvas. This allows them to start picturing how they would personalize each space.

Living room – Add seasonal throw blankets and make sure the carpets and couch are clean. IF you have a dog or cat, vacuum extra to remove all fur. No one likes to see fur all over the room, it gets them thinking about what it will take to remove all animal traces from the home.

Last-minute repairs – Make sure all lights are working, any leaks are fixed, and cracks sealed. No home is perfect, but on tour days you want yours to look as close to perfect as you can make it! The less noticeable repairs a buyer sees the better!


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