January 23, 2019 | Barb Huntley
Earthquakes strike suddenly, so the only way to stay safe during one is to be prepared at all times and know what to do when one hits. Living in Alaska means you will experience hundreds of earthquakes a year so knowing what to do should come as second nature to Alaskans. But, to refresh your memory, here is what you need to do to stay safe during an earthquake.
Have an Emergency Kit – Put together a household emergency kit that would supply your enough food and water for your family to survive without outside assistance for three days. Make sure every family member knows where this kit is and that the kit is updated every year. You should also make smaller kits for your children to have school, to bring to your work and to keep it your car. You never know where you will be when an earthquake hit.
Take Cover – You should drop as low as you can to the ground and take cover under something sturdy such as a table or desk. Hold on to the item until the shaking stops. Keep your head down at all times. If there is nothing to take cover under, find a corner of a room and crouch low using your hands and arms to protect your ducked head.
Avoid Glass and Windows – Try to move as far away from glass and windows as you can when an earthquake strikes. These are easy to break and even easier to injure yourself on.
Check for Injuries and Contact Relatives – After the earthquake has passed and it is safe to get out of your coverage spot, check yourself for an injury sustained during the shaking. Call your family or relatives to let them know you are okay (or not okay), so they can either stop worrying or take action. If you have a severe injury call 911 immediately. 


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