January 8, 2019 | Barb Huntley
We’ve all been through moving. Buried in boxes, overwhelmed by packing and unpacking, cleaning, organizing and finally settling into an unfamiliar place. Moving is hard enough as it is, you don’t need unruly neighbors to be the cherry on top. So, since most of us have moved at least once in our life, we can relate to the uncomfortableness of being in a new neighborhood and not knowing many people around. Go out of your way this year to try to be a considerate neighbor and watch karma at work.
Introduce Yourself – Whether you are the person that just moved or the existing neighbor that notices a new person in your neighborhood or building, introduce yourself. You never know what you may have in common with your new neighbor, and you will never know unless you make an initial effort to meet them.
Stay in Touch – Even if you don’t hit it off with your new neighbors or realize you have very little in common, you should still say hello to them whenever you see them. Don’t be one of the awkward neighbors that avoids others at all costs. Put that energy into saying a simple hello.
Be Aware of Volume
– If there’s little space between homes or you share walls with your neighbor you need to be socially aware of the noise you are making. Instruments shouldn’t be practiced early in the morning, or late at night, those are also times you shouldn’t be vacuuming. No matter how upset you get at someone you live with, you should never raise your voice loud enough for neighbors to hear you bickering.
Keep Them Aware – If you are hosting parties or having guests over that may be taking up parking nearby, let your neighbors know. The courtesy goes a long way. And, if they know in advance you are hosting a large party they can choose to go away or prepare for a night with more noise. If you don’t tell them, you may have a surprise appearance by building security or cops to ask you to be quieter.
Don’t Be Passive Aggressive – If you are upset with your neighbor for any reason the best way to handle it is face to face. No one likes receiving passive-aggressive notes, especially ones with without a sender’s name. To keep relationships respectful around your neighborhood, take the initiative to confront any problems that arise.


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