January 31, 2019 | Barb Huntley
Are you having trouble selling your home? You may think it is in excellent shape for an easy sale, but may not realize your personal preferences are hindering a quick and easy transaction.
If your taste is shown throughout your house, it may overwhelm buyers. Odd decorations and unique color schemes distract buyers and make it hard for them to picture themselves in such a unique space. If your home isn’t selling and you can admit your taste is all over your home, consider repainting to neutral colors and decluttering your rooms.
Your pets and pet-friendly spaces may have worked for you, but not all home buyers are looking for a pet-friendly home. Many do not want any traces of animals in their house. Not only do pets smell, but traces of their fur can be found everywhere. Before the next showing of your house put a substantial amount of effort into getting rid of all traces of pets.
If you want your home to sell quickly, being available at all times for showings will help that. It would help if you catered to potential buyers’ schedules. Remember, the more people that look at your home, the more likely one of those people will want to make the purchase. If your home is on the market, it’s important to keep your home clean and decluttered and ready at a minute’s notice for an unexpected showing.
Being flexible and detaching yourself from your home style will help to move your home off the market quickly! 


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