January 15, 2019 | Barb Huntley
Garages are ideal for storing away unused extra household items. They can be hung from rafters, shoved away on shelving, or left in corners in boxes. But, some things just don’t belong in your garage. Don’t make the mistake of storing any of these items in garage!
1. Old Photos. The dust and humidity will ruin the quality of your photos. Even if the photos are sealed in air tight containers, the heat and cold will have an adverse effect on them.
2. Linens and Bedding - If rodents get into your garage, they will make a comfortable bed out of your bedding. Store your extra bedding in air tight containers indoors, so you won’t risk giving up your bedding to local rodents.
3. Food - Any food, even non-perishable canned foods, should not be kept in the garage. Warm summer days and freezing winter temperatures are not a right combination for food. Fresh food will only attract vermin and animals that you most likely don’t want to hang out in your garage.
4. Pets - Do not make your garage a place where you leave your pet. It’s just not right. You probably have a lot of unsafe items stored in your garage and keeping an energetic dog in the same space is asking for trouble. Shelves can tip, tools chewed, and your pet may not be able to handle the temperature depending on the time of year.
5. Lawn Mower - I’m sure many of us are guilty of storing this in our garages, but it’s time we get out of that habit. If it is accidentally turned on it is extremely dangerous. Placing your lawnmower in a shed or at the very least keeping a fitted cover over it is essential to protect yourself from bumping into it.  


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