September 14, 2018 | Barb Huntley
There are numerous places in Alaska that accept slightly used home goods and clothing. So, next time you go through your home to declutter it, consider donating your unused items to one of the many great services around Anchorage.
Habitat for Humanity– You can donate furniture, appliances and recycled materials here. All of your donated items will go towards helping them build houses for working families in the area.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska– Clothing and household goods can be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters to provide local Alaskan children with items they need but do not have the means to get. There are multiple drop off areas around Anchorage, but you can also schedule a time to have them come pick up your gently used items.
Red Cross – You can donate your slightly used clothing to the Red Cross of Alaska. The clothing is sold to thrift stores and a percentage of the proceeds benefit Red Cross disaster relief.
Alaska Historical Society– Do you have any items in your house that may be of value but are of no use to you anymore? If any of these objects or artifacts may relate to Alaskan history you can contact the Alaska Historical Society and they will find a proper home for them. This can also include photographs and old newspapers, articles, magazines, etc.
Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission– This organization accepts donations of used clothing. Items can be picked up or dropped off and are provided to those in a shelter who need them.
Don’t just throw away items that you no longer use if they are still in useable condition. There are so many people in this world in need of clothing and home items that they can’t afford. Help them get these items at a price they can pay! 


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