September 18, 2018 | Barb Huntley
It’s hard to put into words how mentally and physically exhausting a move is. Those feelings are especially amplified when you are moving to an entirely new area where you know few people. But, being in the real estate market, we know a thing or two about moving and how-to best cope with the feelings that come with it.

Completely Unpack– Unpacking is exhausting. But saving some boxes to be unpacked until a later date allows your mind to hold on to the fact that you are not entirely “moved in.” Whether you love or are struggling with your new place, you must unpack all your boxes to truly come to terms with being completely moved in.
Explore the Area– One of the best things you can do in a new city is get out and explore it on your own. Drive into town, look for a grocery store you like, walk around the shopping areas and all the local parks. Take your time exploring. As soon as you know your way around it will start to feel less intimidating. You will find yourself smiling as you no longer need to use the Map on your phone to get you from point A to point B.
Find “Your Spot”– What’s one of your favorite things to do in your free time? Find it in your new city! Whether it’s reading at a coffee shop, running, going out to eat or attending a fitness class, find a place you can do that in your new home! You may have to test out a few before you find the one that you like best, but that’s okay because you will get to know more about the area as you do so!
Look into Community Events or Clubs– Moving as an adult is hard. It’s not like you are attending school and meeting new people. Hopefully you will meet people at your work or in your neighborhood, but it’s nice to expand your social network outside of those areas. Look into Facebook groups in the area, weekly ongoing community events, or any clubs. All of these will target a group of people with interests similar to yours! 


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