September 7, 2018 | Barb Huntley
We may be biased, but we think Alaska is the most scenic state of them all. When you add leaves changing colors on top of the already breathtaking beauty, well there’s no prettier place in the world. Take advantage of the extra gorgeous scenery by partaking in some of our favorite fall activities!

Wildlife Spotting
Bears, moose, caribou and more will be out and about all fall scrounging for any extra food as they prepare for the winter months. Fall is the best time of year for animal viewing. Grab your binoculars and camera and head out to the trails. Remember – know what to do to stay safe around wildlife!

Visit Denali 
With tourists trickling out and fall colors abound, hiking through Denali in the fall is a must do fall activity. With fewer visitors you’ll have less competition for the best campgrounds and trails. Clear fall skies also make for great unobstructed views of Mount McKinley.

Salmon Fishing
Silver Salmon are the best catch during the month of September. As they partake in a late run up the river, fisherman can enjoy the abundance of fish to reel in!

Pick Up Your Camera 
Like we’ve already mentioned, fall in Alaska provides unbeatable views. Grab your camera (or your latest iPhone) and take up photography. It will be hard to capture a bad picture of Alaska during this time of year.

Enjoy the calm, fall waters by kayak. The crisp air, earlier sunsets, and colorful trees make for relaxing kayaking journeys.

Pack a few extra layers and tie up your hiking boots for your fall hikes. The cool air and the snowless ground provide ideal trails for a hiker. 


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