September 25, 2018 | Barb Huntley
You may not have an “ah-hah” moment when it comes to realizing you want to sell your home. Instead you may be noticing small things that are starting to bother you and build up to unhappiness in your current home. If you have these signs, you might be ready to move.

You’re putting too much money into It – If you live in a home that has maintenance issues more times than not, it might be time to find another home. Go over your maintenance costs for the last year and identify additional maintenance you plan on doing. If your projected costs are higher than you planned for, it’s probably time to move to a home with less maintenance costs.

It is too small – Do you feel as if your living on top of one another in your home? Running out of storage or empty space? Or does it feel extremely clustered with little free space? These are signs your home may be too small for the current inhabitants. It’s probably a good time to buy more square footage with a bigger home.

It is too big – Have you noticed your home feels bigger than usual? This is common when parents become empty nesters. The space you once needed for your family is now empty, unused space. Now would be the time to downsize to a smaller home. You’ll have less rooms to think about furnishing and cleaning.

You aren’t happy – Projects, rearranging and cleaning can only go so far if you are unhappy with your home. Whether it’s the floor plan, location, quality of materials, maintenance or size, or you are simply unhappy with your home maybe, you should look into purchasing a new home. A fresh start, new memories, and a new space to furnish and decorate may just be the change you need!


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