July 24, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Anchorage, the most notable city in Alaska, has hidden gems of communities surrounding it. For those of you that don’t like  Alaska, you likely don’t know as much about these cities. We sell properties in all of them and believe they are wonderful places to live.

Big Lake - Many residents of Big Lake commute to work in Anchorage, 60 miles to the south. They choose to live in Big Lake for its limitless recreation opportunities and the views of Mount Susitna, Denali and the Talkeetna Mountains. Located on the shore of its namesake lake and sprawling over 138 square miles is the community of Big Lake, with a population of 3,191 people and many more sled dogs. Not surprisingly, recreation in the area centers around the lake, and it is indeed big, with 67 miles of shoreline. Popular activities include swimming, camping, boating, fishing, jet skiing and tour boat rides in the summer. In the winter, snowmobile competitions, dog mushing, ice fishing and cross-country skiing dominate the lake’s frozen surface.

Meadow Lakes - Meadow Lakes is located in Matanuska-Susitna Borough. It has a population of 7,424. Based off the name, you can tell it is focused around the physical Meadow Lakes. The city is known for wide open space and opportunities to do things outdoors. The views are always beautiful, especially with the mountains.

Palmer - Palmer is a small town with a family friendly atmosphere surrounded by scenic mountains located in south-central Alaska. It is only a half hour drive from Anchorage.
The people are friendly, and the shops are small businesses with little box stores to compete with different events going on in the middle of Palmer. The shops and events get the community together and are welcoming to all ages. There are also some good options for restaurants and small family owned shops that have a great variety of fun products.


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